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Latest Blog Entries

Yoga As A Spiritual Exercise For Health And Mind

Yoga is a spiritual exercise that tends to unite the body with the mind and the mind with the soul. The practice of yoga leads an individual to a state of eternal bliss. Through various asanas and proper breathing techniques, yoga sadhana enables an individual to attain ultimate end of all human pursuits, that is, “Moksha”. Moksha is the stage, which when reached, an individual is liberated from all bondage, insecurities, desires, limitations and inadequacy. Practice of yoga and meditation lets a practitioner attain freedom from all bindings that create a hindrance on the divine journey in life. By cleansing the conscious and sub conscious, yoga asanas prepare us for the dawning of Self-knowledge. The connection with the inner self is realized and a mental state of harmony and peace is reached. Yoga, by harmonizing one’s life, awakens the latent capabilities and unites him with the cosmic consciousness. The highest aim of yoga is realization Read the rest of this entry »

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Breathing With Yoga

Yoga deals with the spirit and mind. Yoga helps to reduce stress. When a person feels relentless thoughts turn in his/her mind, and finds it difficult to shut off the valves, thus it is an apparent sign of stress.

When a person takes care of his/her body, and includes daily exercises into his or her life, it is the process of keeping stress at recess. In addition, when a person takes time to add mental and emotional retreat to their daily lives, it is the beginning of a better future. One of the traditional methods people have used for years is the process of yoga, which works through mediation. Mediation makes room for natural breathing, and provides openness for mantra, as well as visualization. The gateway takes you to an inner arena that forces the mind to relax. When the mind starts to relax, you begin to see inner actions unfold, which include your powers of instincts coming to the fore. The natural instincts will guide Read the rest of this entry »

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Yoga Body Fitness In A Stressful World

There is a continuing rise in disease and sickness in today`s fast paced, stressful world. Many are turning to alternative treatments to aid in healing and reduction of such conditions. One of the most effective of these is yoga body fitness. Stretching and breathing are two of the main components of this practice, and the resulting flexibility and calming effects are quite helpful in dropping the harmful effects of stress and environmental toxins. Yoga is great in achieving overall balance in mind, body and spirit.

Yoga began in the ancient East 5000 years ago, and it was coined from the Sanskrit `yug`, which means to join. Harmony of body and mind systems is created by utilizing various poses. These include pranyamas, mudras, shatkarmas, meditation, asanas, and bandhas. One goal of yoga has always been to enable the user to gain access to the universal consciousness. The body must be balanced also in order for this to occur. Stress Read the rest of this entry »

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Benefits Of Incorporating Music Into Your Yoga Practice

Music – the best communicator that speaks for many human feelings and emotions. Music has an unmatched caliber of calming, healing and soothing ones mind and body. Literal terminology defines music as combination of various pleasing tones that soothes the ear of the listener. Music is a form of art which incorporates melody, rhythm and harmony. The subtle tones and tunes of the music can affect the human body and promote one’s healthy self. Music, with its cross-cultural application, is an integral part of any and every culture. The human body, mind and soul are extremely sensitive to music. The tone and sound of the music have a pre-dominant effect on the human energy system. Since the pre-historic era, in the biblical periods or during the time renaissance, the role of music had been phenomenal. In contemporary times as well, music is considered to have a talismanic influence that charms the listener and evoke a mood of well being. The Read the rest of this entry »

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Common Variants of Yoga – What Is The Variation

What is the variation between common yoga & the not so common yoga, not anything only one is exercised on a bigger scale than the other. It is up to each person & their first choices to what form of work out they select to practice. Some common types of yoga are executed by people for health reasons.

If starting out to practice yoga for the first time then be certain to find out what is greatest suited to your requirements. Important factors that have to be considered before any work out is performed are your suitability levels.

Some of the most common types of yoga are Iyenga. This yoga is exclusively based on position & exact movements.When exercising the Iyengar way props are used such as straps & blocks for starters who are not as elastic as the experts in this field. By using these yoga props it helps the beginner to relax & give comfort therefore encouraging advantageous outcome.

Commonly Read the rest of this entry »

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Latest News
  • Yoga for a Cause: All Proceeds Benefit Local Family

    “For seven years, Crofton Yoga has taken a week during the holidays where instructors choose a charity and proceeds from their class go toward that charity,” Emily Gretz, co-owner of Crofton Yoga, said. “This year, we are very thankful to our yoga community for helping one of our own during the extremely difficult time.”

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  • Hot Yoga? How About Pot Yoga: And Several Other Weird Yoga Trends

    Smoke up and get into your yoga poses: “Ganja yoga” provides yogis with a chance to enhance spirituality with weed. In New York City, all you hear about these days from yoga enthusiasts is hot yoga and bikram – an hour or two of sweating out all your stress in a high heat room, and how amazing it makes you feel afterward.

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  • Multiple Yoga Classes Offered at Larchmont Public Library This January

    Beginning Saturday, January 10, the Larchmont Public Library is offering two different four-week Yoga classes that are being led by YOGA Instructor, Damien Germino. Space for these classes is limited so the library is asking that those interested in participating call the library at 914-834-2281 to register.

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  • Sting likes being on top in the bedroom

    Sting likes being “on top” when making love to his wife Trudie Styler. The 63-year-old musician married the star 22 years ago but the couple claim they still have great sex lives and know their favourite positions for getting together in the bedroom.

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  • Luxury Tourism: Going Green in China

    How do you go from being an art dealer in Wisconsin to a successful hotelier and influential green business advocate in China? Brian Linden did it by pioneering the market niche of sustainable luxury tourism emerging within the larger multi-trillion dollar tourist industry. China is relatively new to domestic tourism, but as is typical of most things Chinese, its tourism industry is developing on a grand scale, experiencing double-digit growth .

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  • Yoga invocation Sunday in Port Angeles to welcome in new year, more light

    A winter solstice invocation and pre-2015 gathering is set for Sunday at Poser Yoga, 128 E. Front St., and everyone is welcome. Admission is free to this event from 5 p.m. till 6:30 p.m. with Jennifer Miner Noble and Karlyn Langjahr, yoga instructors at Poser.

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  • Yoga Teacher Adopts Third Son With Down Syndrome

    Meet a Connecticut yoga instructor who just adopted her third child with Down Syndrome from a Bulgarian orphanage. It’s been quite the journey for a little boy who will turn 4 years old in January.

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  • Best Yoga Studios in the US and Canada

    Since I have lived in several cities and have practiced yoga all over the country, people often ask me what my favorite yoga studios are. I maintain a list and decided to turn it into an article to share with everyone.

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